Septic Systems (also called "on-lot" systems) are sewage systems on the property of the homeowner which treat and dispose of domestic sewage through natural processes. Liquid waste from a treatment tank percolates through the soil, where is it neutralized and broken down.

Up to 50% of the solids retained in the tank decompose, the remainder accumulates in the tank. A septic tank should be pumped out at least every 3 years.

To obtain a septic system permit:

  1. The lot owner or an agent for the owner applies for a permit through the township Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO).
  2. Soil profile examination and percolation tests are conducted by applicant or consultant to determine site suitability. The soil profile examination and percolation tests must be observed by the SEO.
  3. Three copies of the septic design must be submitted to the SEO after the above testing is completed.
  4. The SEO approves or denies the permit within seven days of receipt of a completed application. If denied, the SEO notifies the applicant and provides opportunity for an appeal hearing.
  5. The SEO issues a permit, if approved. Installation of a system may begin.
  6. The SEO may oversee any step of installation and must inspect completed system before coverage and use.

An application can be picked up at the township office or can be mailed by request.

Please direct your On-Lot Sewage questions to 570-223-8920.

Please visit the Sewer Department page for information about the Municipal Sewer System.