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The Middle Smithfield Township Community and Cultural Center, built from 2019-2021, was created by the community, for the community, as "a space for good people to do good work, for the common good." 

The space is designed to be a space for:

  • The community to gather
  • An exhibit space for local artists and art organizations
  • A home for the Library of the Smithfield
  • Red Cross certified emergency shelter during emergencies

The Great Hall will serve as a local museum for revolving exhibits based on the anniversary of local events and the history of the area.

The space also serves as an event center for township and community-minded events, and can also be used for ongoing programming for residents by charitable organizations, such as:

  • Tai Chi classes
  • Blood drives by the Red Cross
  • Free services by local health networks such as mammograms
  • Classes taught by Penn State Extension, and more

Several community events that take place annually include Memory Makers, Veterans Luncheon and Person of the Year, and many more.


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