Public Works

Middle Smithfield Township's Public Works Department provides a wide variety of needed services to our community. Most notably, the Public Works Department maintains Township-owned roadways throughout the year. This maintenance consists of but is not limited to snow removal, salting and cindering, paving and other road repairs, drainage maintenance, road and bridge infrastructure projects, tree maintenance and illegal dumping of waste collection. The Public Works Department also has a winter maintenance contract with PennDOT for several State-owned roadways within the Township. We work closely with the Monroe County Conservation District to secure low volume road grants for projects that qualify as well as securing grants for DSA Projects or more commonly known as Dirt and Gravel Roadways that the Township owns within the National Park Service. 

Middle Smithfield Township is also required to comply with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System program as an MS4 municipality. Under the NPDES storm water program, permittees must develop a stormwater management plan that provides the details of how the community will comply with the requirements of the permit. Within the Department we also have an in-house mechanic who has extensive knowledge and skill to allow us to do much of our vehicle maintenance ourselves. 

The Public Works Department also conducts regular maintenance for several other departments including Parks & Recreation, Sewer, Golf and Building Maintenance. Our crew maintains the township Parks consisting of mowing, mulching, repair of playground equipment and trail maintenance. For the Sewer Department we provide labor and equipment, as needed, to decrease expenses. At the Golf Course we aid with winter maintenance of carts and equipment as well as provide a crew to help with aerating the course when needed. As part of the Public Works Department we have a full time Carpenter who conducts our building maintenance for all of the Township owned buildings. 

We conduct the Spring and Fall Clean Up each year at both our main facility on Municipal Drive and our Wooddale facility on Dancing Ridge Road. This event affords township residents the opportunity to bring larger bulk items for disposal at a low cost to them that they may have a hard time to get rid of otherwise. In the Spring and Fall, we collect leaves that residents put out on Township owned roadways. 

Compost Processing Facility

The Oak Grove Multi Municipal Compost Processing Facility is owned in partnership with Middle Smithfield Township, Smithfield Township and Lehman Township. This 40-acre facility is located at 3305 Oak Grove Drive in Middle Smithfield Township and is open to the residents of all three Townships at no cost to dump leaves or yard brush. The facility accepts leaves, trees, and branches at this time. In 2021 the facility upgraded its grinding capacity and we now own a 2021 Vermeer Grinder. The facility is open year-round weather permitting, Monday through Saturday from 7am to 2pm. 

Residents can have mulch or compost loaded for a fee, by appointment by calling Rachel Heller at 570-223-8920, ext. 142. If an operator is on site, they can load you for that same fee without an appointment. 

Please visit the Oak Grove Multi Municipal Compost Processing Facility website for additional information.

Golf Course Maintenance

The Public Works Department also maintains the Municipal Golf Course. During the golf season, Public Works crews treat, cut, and shape the course and maintain the irrigation systems. Middle Smithfield Township owns and operates trucks and machinery to accomplish the work necessary. Our newest acquisition, a leaf collection vacuum, allows for much more efficient collection of leaves during the Spring and Fall. Where once leaf collection was a 4 to 6 man job over a 3 to 4 week schedule, the new leaf vacuum allows for just 2 men over the same period. Investment in the right trucks and equipment saves tax dollars and maintaining each vehicle and equipment extends the expected life.