The Public Works Department maintains the township roads throughout the year, including, but not limited to:

  • Snow removal and salt and cindering
  • Maintenance of drainage
  • Road repair and maintenance
  • Various infrastructure projects for recreational, employment, and health and safety uses in the greater community

Middle Smithfield Township is comprised of over 75 miles of township roads. A comprehensive road repair and maintenance plan was instituted in 2012, where between 8 and 10 miles of road are paved and or repaved to extend the useful life of all roads and keep our roads in the best condition possible. Each year, the Public Works Department. In addition to paved roads, there are over 12 miles of "dirt roads" within the township that are maintained.

State Roads

  • Milford Road (Route 209)
  • Resica Falls Road (Route 402)
  • Marshalls Creek Road
  • Hollow Road
  • Lower Lakeview Drive
  • Sellersville Drive (between Tom X Road and Lower Lakeview Drive only)
  • Tom X Road
  • Winona Falls Road (from Route 209 to Lower Lakeview Drive)
  • River Road (Federal Road)

Adopt a Road Program

Township Roads make up 74.10 miles of our road system in Middle Smithfield Township.

Township Roads

  1. A-B
  2. C
  3. D-F
  4. G-J
  5. K-M
  6. N-R
  7. S-T
  8. U-Z
  • Alexander Court
  • Arbutus Lane
  • Auburn Way
  • Avenue De Guy Road
  • Barren Road
  • Besecker Drive
  • Big Bear Drive
  • Big Buck Lane
  • Big Ridge Drive
  • Bowie Lane
  • Brook Hollow Road
  • Brushy Mtn.
  • Buckhorn Drive
  • Buroojy Court