Homeowner Associations

There are numerous Homeowner Associations (HOA) and Property Owner Associations (POA) located in Middle Smithfield Township.  Contact information for HOAs located in Middle Smithfield Township is located below.  Please be aware that we do not have contact information for all HOAs.

For more information about HOAs and POAs in Middle Smithfield Township, contact HOA Liaison Holly Dennis.

HOA's in Middle Smithfield Township include:

  1. Castle Rock Acres

No information available

  1. Country Club of the Poconos
  1. Great Bear Estates
  1. Kahkout Mountain
  1. Knoll Acres
  1. Lake of the Pines
  1. Leisure Lands
  1. Monroe Lakes
  1. Mountain Top Estates
  1. Murray Pocono Estates / Hillside Country Village
  1. Northpark Estates
  1. Northslope
  1. Pocono Forested Acres
  1. Pocono Forested Lands
  1. Pocono Heights
  1. Pocono Highland Lake Estates
  1. Pocono Wild Haven Estates
  1. Pocono Mobile Home Estates
  1. Poplar Bridge Estates
  1. Saw Creek Estates
  1. Sleepy Hollow Estates
  1. Summer Glen of the Poconos
  1. Reserve at Pond Creek
  1. Townhomes at Maple Lane
  1. White Heron Lake
  1. Wilderness Acres
  1. Winona Lakes