Revitalize 209 Committee

On March 23, 2023, Middle Smithfield Township established its own matching grant program to foster $750,000 of property improvements along its six-mile stretch of Milford Road, aka Route 209.

Established by resolution, the ad hoc committee serves to advise the Board of Supervisors on matters pertaining to the evaluation of letters of interest and applications for the Revitalize 209 Grant Program

About the Grant

Middle Smithfield Township is “revitalizing 209” with a matching grant program to help fund projects that are visible from 209. Improvements to building facades, curb appeal, and safety will be considered, with project sizes up to $20,000 in cost (the Revitalize 209 grant and the applicant each providing $10,000 to fund the project). There is no project minimum required and those interested should inquire with the Township.

You can review the Resolutions here:

Revitalize 209 Grant

Revitalize 209 Committee

You can review frequently asked questions here:

Revitalize 209 FAQs (PDF)

The Committee:


  • 5:30pm
  • Fourth Tuesday of each month
  • 147 Municipal Drive

View Revitalize 209 Committee's Agendas and Minutes.


  • Bob Early, Chairperson
  • Deborah Emin, Vice Chairperson
  • Michael Coffey
  • Ralph Dinkle
  • George Kuchek
  • Albert “Sonny” Murray
  • Nick Theofilos

Committee Liaison:

James Brechbiel
Economic Development Manager
570-223-8920 x130
Email James