Litter & Beautification

Middle Smithfield Township has a robust, all volunteer litter control program.  Residents are also able to adopt a road within the township and help to keep their road clear of litter.  See below for more information about these programs.

Litter and Beautification is a Sub-Committee of Parks and Recreation. Meetings are held at the township building one the 1st Monday of each month at 6:30 pm. The most current meeting schedule can be found on our meeting schedule page. Please check out the Parks and Recreation page for more information.

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1000 Feet of Street Litter Clean Up

One of our most important events.  Twice a year in the spring and fall, hundreds of volunteers clean up hundreds of thousands of feet of street.  Volunteers sign in at the Township building to get supplies, get split into groups, and depart to various locations throughout the Township to beautify Rt 209 (our "Main Street") and other roads throughout Middle Smithfield. The Township provides reflective vests, road crew signs, and other supplies as needed. 

For more information about 1000 Feet of Street and all of our public parks events, please visit our Parks & Recreation Events page.

Adopt a Road

The Adopt a Road program reinforces Middle Smithfield's litter control efforts by involving citizens in the anti-litter efforts of our township.  The program serves as an educational tool to make people aware of the litter problem and serves to provide clean, well cared for roadways for Middle Smithfield’s citizens, roadway users and the visitors to our area.  The program allows groups or individuals to become special “caretakers” of portions of Township or state roadways.

  • Adopters must complete a brief application providing their contact information, the road the wish to adopt, and how they would like their sign to appear.
  • Adopters agree to pick up litter on their road at least twice a year.  The agreement lasts as long as the Adopter continues to clean, or until either the Adopter or the Township wish to end the agreement for any reason.
  • Safety is a top priority! All participants must wear orange safety vests and post the “Litter Crew Ahead” sign during litter pick-up. Garbage bags and safety materials are provided by Middle Smithfield Township. 
  • When litter pick-up is completed, the Adopter notifies the Township, who will arrange to collect the garbage bags.
  • Participants must be at least 10 years old.  Participants under 18 must be accompanied by adults.


The goal is to support this part of Middle Smithfield Township's mission statement:

"…improve the quality of life for our citizens and improve the business environment for our enterprises through creative leadership, dedicated personnel, and collaboration."

The Township's Litter and Beautification Committee mission is to engage residents and business owners in Middle Smithfield Township to improve the appearance and aesthetics of our township by providing positive leadership and opportunities for volunteers to contribute toward the cleanliness and beautification of our township.

Since the beginning of 2013, the Litter and Beautification Committee has made significant progress in litter control though our bi-annual program known as "1,000 Feet of Street."

The "1,000 Feet of Street" program started with the thought of achieving 1,000 feet of clean street per volunteer. With the dedication of many volunteers and the township's Public Works Department, the 1,000 feet of street quickly became 5-miles of street!

During the first 1,000 Feet of Street held on June 15, 2013, over 5-miles of street were cleaned and a 20-yard dumpster was filled with debris from Route 209, Sellersville Road, and Municipal Drive.

Litter and Beautification also manages the Township's Adopt a Road program. The Township owns 76 miles of road, among these 124 roads are in the Adopt a Road Program. Approximately half our roads have been adopted. We are working on the other half!